Stay True To You, Not Just Blue

Stay True To You, Not Just Blue

Operation Shattered Stars

For a number of years I dedicated my life, gave up family, and gave up friends and myself for people I didn’t even know. Heck, I went in to have coffee on my days off just to see what was going on with the streets.

Today as I sit and write I ask myself why? The only logical explanation I can come up with is because I wanted to. I wanted to help people. I wanted to lock up the evil that where preying on the good. I had compassion, the commitment, and the dedication, to face all sources of the devil even if it meant giving up me for my fellow man. I did just that. I did it all! I missed birthdays, Christmas, Easter and every holiday in between. I destroyed my inner self. I still ask myself why?  I wanted to, that’s the answer?  Sounds like a…

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