Empower Network – Kalatu Blogging Platform

Empower Network – Kalatu Blogging Platform

Whether you are starting an online business now or have been marketing for a while, it’s likely that you heard of Empower Network.

Empower Network is the biggest internet marketing company in the online space that has created thousands of success stories including a group of 19 millionaires and over 300 people with reported earnings of $100.000 – $500.000 thousand. In total the company has paid out over 150 millions in commissions to affiliates in 3 years since its initial launched in 2011, which is an impressive history for any company in such a short period of time.

Over the course of its existence Empower Network has actualized its training content and platform multiple times, making it easier for new affiliates to launch and market their businesses online and improving their chances to succeed in this growing Internet industry.

What is KALATU?

Out of the major changes that Empower Network has undergone in the past 3 years, the biggest update to their platform and marketing tools is taking place now with the launch of ENV3.

The launch of ENV3 marks the 3rd anniversary of the company and it’s also bringing multiple improvements to their infrastructure. As part of these changes Empower Network is introducing a new state of the art blogging platform that will allow users to take advantage of all of the benefits of a Word press site, without the hassles and technical difficulties that starting a website can bring.

Empower Network is calling this new platform KALATU

One of the biggest benefits of Kalatu is that the platform is created by marketers for marketers, this is a big advantage since many people usually pay hundreds of dollars for a blog design to then find out, most designers are not marketers and usually can’t design websites that are cater to selling.

Kalatu on the other hand has multiple features including the latest version of WordPress 4.0, some really cool widgets and multiple themes that will be easy to customize with just a few clicks.

Why Kalatu?

This new platform is a true game changer that can be use not only by bloggers in the network marketing or affiliate marketing space but anyone who wants to promote their products and services online using a website.

Since Kalatu will offer multiple themes and a versatile design you don’t need to be an affiliate of empower network to use the system, you simply can take advantage of a professionally design website that can be use to sale and market any product or service online for only $25 a month.

If you are wondering why this particular name was chosen for this new platform is because in the Aboriginal language, Kalatu means, “tell a story “, which is what every blogger and specially the daily blogger does when they write.

For the inauguration of KALATU, Empower Network is starting a 21 day blogging challenge with a specific template to help you brainstorm ideas and create worthy content that will be sure to attract buyers and future prospects to your website. Also if you are new to blogging you will definitely learn a few strategies that will maximize your blogging efforts and get you closer to your desire results.
To learn more about KALATU and how you can join the 21 day blogging challenge, CLICK HERE.



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