BIDRX JUST LAUNCHED! The $17 Decision That Rocked The Industry!

BIDRX JUST LAUNCHED! The $17 Decision That Rocked The Industry!

The $17 Decision That Rocked The Industry… Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, & Home Based Business Professionals are lining up to be a part of this program.

Bid For My Meds officially LAUNCHED Today!

December 31st,  2013  CLICK HERE->>


Let’s HELP Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of People…

This isn’t some whacky pre-launch deal that might work… it is.. A Company with a 7-year track record and has an A+ BBB Rating.

People receive the LOWEST BIDS from LOCAL U.S. Pharmacies (Priceline-type bids) for the lowest prescription drug prices… up to and over $1,000+ annual savings off of even Walmart pricing!

There is already a million customers on board and over 20 million dollars invested in this platform. Check out National Media on this company:

It makes no difference what company you’re currently representing or programs you’re promoting. Help Your Prospects SAVE MONEY, YOU’LL MAKE MORE SALES and you can earn an extra residual income from this amazing patent pending Lowest Bid For My Meds service!

This matrix is going to fill up very quickly and while this is a low ticket program it provides an opportunity for people to create a six figure income with it from home. It’s flippin out of this world awesome and people are pumped up about it.

5X6 Matrix pays out up to over $100k/month! If this company can create over a million customers without a direct sales model, what are amazing networkers, marketers, and home based business professionals going to do? simple… Create Millions and Millions of customers who will leverage this platform and you can be a member in this fast growing matrix for only $17 a month.

This isn’t just one of those things… This is the thing you don’t waste one second with. You sign up and secure your postion right away and I’m dead serious. This $17 decision and your timing right now is absolutely crucial.

Don’t waste another second and get started right now.



Our team is working directly with the owners and we’ve been task to take this out to the USA Market. If you’re getting this message it’s a big big deal and we can only hope you take it serious and get started and plugged into this massive growth ahead.

This is already getting air play on CNN News and Forbes. It’s a big deal and I for one will get in front of a wave of millions of more customers before they come aboard in 2014.

We hope to see your name in the matrix but more importantly thousands of names underneath you because you had the first movers advantage.




work from homeWork From HomeCLICK NOW to Get Started



See You At The Top,
Joseph Montes

Joseph Montes
Ninja Marketing
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  1. […] BIDRX JUST LAUNCHED! The $17 Decision That Rocked The Industry! […]


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