About MIG My Insiders Guide

About MIG My Insiders Guide

MIG Mission Statement:

My Insiders Guide (MIG) is committed to providing people that have a dream and passion for achieving entrepreneurial and personal development success, with the insights, tools and resources that give them a legitimate fighting chance to reach their goals and expand their vision of what is possible.

MIG Defined:

My Insiders Guide (MIG) leverages a combination of internet technology, digital communities and crowd-sourcing to deliver maximum value and impact at the lowest cost possible. The primary questions and challenges we help entrepreneurs overcome are:

– What do I need to do? How do I do it?

– Which Tools and Resources should I use?

– How can I generate cash flow to fund my business?

The creators/founders of MIG had a single goal in mind, creating a highly profitable business that anyone could participate in.  Our motto is “Created By Affiliates For Affiliates.”

MIG Training Network: 3 High Powered Components

1) MIG More Biz ASAP

       “Autopilot Systems for Accelerated Profits”

  • MIG Mobile Leads ASAP

  • Next Generation Sales Funnels – Generate Unlimited Cell Phone Verified & Qualified Leads

  • MIG Demo Builder

  • Instantly Create Irresistible Personalized Lead Generators

  • MIG Ad Generator

  • Instantly Create “Ready To Post” Online Ads – Coming Soon

  • MIG Traffic Rotator

  • Works With Any Traffic Source – Coming Soon

2) MIG Leader’s Insights

       ”What To Do.  How To Do It.  Clear, Simple and Practical Training.”

  • e-Learning Libraries

  • Live and Recorded Hangouts

  • Courses & Challenges

  • All Stars Training Modules

3) MIG Income Accelerator

       ”Powerful Opportunity.  Does not interfere with your current business.”

  • 100% Instant Commissions

  • 100% Residual, Recurring Commissions

  • Commissions from $50 to $350 Per Month, Per Sign Up

  • Direct Member To Member Payments

  • International Opportunity

Whether you are a complete beginner or a weathered veteran, the MIG Opportunity has been constructed and set up to make it very easy for you to succeed! With the industry leading Compensation Plan and innovative Sales & Marketing Systems, the MIG Platform gives you everything you need to build your business and generate a long term residual income stream!



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See You At The Top,
Joseph Montes

Joseph Montes
Ninja Marketing
Top 50 Blogs of 2013

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